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About the Artist

Hannah Sattazahn (she/her/hers) is a performing artist, choreographer, and teaching artist currently based in Philadelphia, PA. With more than 15 years of training in performing arts, Hannah went on to receive her BFA in Musical Theater from the University of the Arts in 2019.

Her artistic mission, driven by her personal healing process, is to authentically reach an audience in need of acceptance, recovery, and catharsis. Intending to bring light to the importance of mental health and mindfulness, Hannah believes that art connects us to parts of ourselves we would rather not face. In order to heal and grow; “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

In her free time, you can find Hannah painting or sketching in the park, taking time for a spontaneous hike with friends, traveling as a patient ambassador to publicly speak on the topic of her diagnosis, visiting art galleries, dancing into the wee hours of the night for no other reason than pure joy, and straight up meditating. Just don't interrupt her when she's meditating, please and thank you. 


Headshots & Resumes

H. Sattazahn 2021 2.jpg

Headshots by: Billy B Photography



Black Diamond

It's a revolution of the heart and soul...

Hannah will be returning to the Candlelight as part of the Main Street ensemble!

Candlelight Theatre

Wilmington, DE

September 17th - October 30th

Black Diamond

Fall-Winter 2022

Choreography to expect in her second year of teaching:

Competition Season Choreography 2022-2023 

MT Teen Solo, Junior MT Group, Jazz Production

Holiday Production, Love Park, Philadelphia PA

Sunday, December 11; 1:00 pm show

Spot On Dance Academy

Fort Washington, PA



Performance Stills

Photos Courtesy of: Joe Grasso, Tisa Della-Volpe,Paola Nogueras, Tony Scardapane & Cass Meehan


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